Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:
1. If you are applying with electronic exam results such as SAT, ACT:
a. Notarization of Turkish translation will NOT be accepted.
b. If you reside in Turkey, you can make e-tespit. For this, carefully read the explanation about the notary approval on the homepage of our website Or you can send it to our institution via College Board.
c. If you have already submitted points through the College Board in the previous months, your score will be reflected in the system. You will be sent an e-mail when your application is evaluated. Or, you can log in OBS (application panel) and check your application record from time to time and follow your application status from the "application results" tab.
d. If you live abroad and the notary system in your country does not approve electronic documents, you can send it to us with the College Board "rush delivery" option for the SAT score. Our institution College Board DI code: 7946.
f. For SAT, ACT and other electronic exam scores, a relative in Turkey can also apply for e-tespit on your behalf.
g. You can send your SAT score via College Board by selecting the "rush delivery" option, which will reach our institution before August 8, 2024.
2. If you have recently submitted your SAT score on the College Board, your application may appear as "Application with Fault" as your SAT score will not be reflected in our system immediately. Don't worry. Checks will be made until August 18, 2023. However, if the "rush delivery" option is not selected, it may not reach us on time, please pay attention to this issue.
3. If you have a foreign national number starting with 99 OR 98, please apply with it. If not, please apply with your passport number.
4. In the application, you have to upload the image of the relevant page of your passport.