How to apply?

Candidates should have at least the lowest required scores to make an application to undergraduate programs at Yıldız Technical University. Placement is done by the exam scores, thus, you may have a better chance with a higher exam score. Indeed, your chances of admission vary considerable, based on which department you want to get in. Some departments are more competitive. We suggest you to check the lowest placement scores of the departments you would like to apply. 


Candidates who have a minimum exam score recognized by Yıldız Technical University can apply for departments they would like to study between (30 July - 09 August 2020). Candidates who have more than one scores can apply any one of them with which they want to apply. Department application will be made online.


There are different quotas or quota ratios for YTUYÖS exam scores and SAT scores. Different diploma scores will be converted to 100 points scoring system and will be considered as YTUYÖS exam score, thus the candidates applying with different diploma scores should apply to the quotas assigned for YTUYÖS.


Applications to departments should be made carefully, because the students can not change their department preferences once they submit their application. Candidates should list the departments they would like to get in from 1 – 8. Candidates should apply at least one and at most eight departments. Candidate placements are considered according to the exam results and preferences.


If candidates are placed one of their departmental choices, they cannot apply for second placements even if they do not register to the department they are admitted. Thus, students should apply the departments they would like to study. Second placements are only open for the students who applied for admission, but who are not admitted to the any departments in the first circle.



In Department Application Process;

Candidates who took YTÜYÖS exam, can make their department applications with their candidate number.


Candidates who did not take YTÜYÖS exam, can make their department applications after filling up a form about their credentials. Candidate number (a 11 digit number) will be sent to candidates’ e-mails  written in form. These candidates should also send the below-mentioned documents (a .jpg format) together with the online form:


1)Exam Result: The translation of the exam score/ diploma into Turkish certified by translation office and by notarized by notarial office. Documents which are in English are accepted and does not need to be translated into Turkish language. Only the page that indicates the exam/ diploma score should be send (.jpg format- one page)  


2)Passport: Identity page of your Passport .jpg formatted as a one page.


Applications which are not completed during application period, will be not be considered for assessments. In other words, if candidates’ information and uploaded documents are not submitted during application period, application will be considered as invalid.


In addition, the uploaded documents which cannot be read and understood clearly, which are false, deceptive, incomplete and/or false are not accepted. In that situation, candidates’ applications will not be considered for assessment.