YTU e-mail and USIS Password

First list admitted students can take their USIS PASSWORDs at Davutpasa Campus, Taşkışla Binası Room Number A-1005.



YTU Course Registration:

For the students who will study at their departments: Course registration must be done online at  by using their USIS account. For open courses and course schedule students should consult to their Department Secretary and check departments’ web-site.


**Students who will enroll the English Preparatory program will not register any courses. Please consult to the Head of School of Foreign Languages regarding your class and required courses.


TOMER students will not register to any courses at any department until they submit their TOMER Certificates.



Course Registration: 9- 15 September 2019

Course Starts: 16 September 2019



IMPORTANT: Course registration will not be done by our Unit!!! For Fall Semester Course Program please visit your departments. We could not guide you for the courses you are required to take.



Second list admitted students would take their USIS passwords later. Please check our web site periodically.